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What is a 403(b) plan?
If you are employed by an educational institution, hospital, or certain other not-for-profit organizations, you may have the opportunity to invest in a tax-advantaged retirement program known as a 403(b) plan. By making regular contributions to a 403(b)/TSA account, you have a convenient means to enhance your retirement savings as you work toward building your financial future.

How does a 403(b) plan work?
Your employer determines the provisions of the plan, including investment options and optional plan features such as the ability to defer to a Roth 403(b) or take a loan. You will decide how much you wish to invest each pay period, how your contributions will be allocated among the available investment options, and later, how your assets will be distributed. The Legend Group establishes the account in accordance with your employer’s plan and directs your contributions to the appropriate investments. Once you are eligible to begin withdrawing from your account, Legend distributes your funds as you advise.

Social Security Planning
NYSTRS Counseling
College Planning

Your Legend Group Financial Professional can help you develop a plan for one of life’s biggest expenses – paying for college. The cost of a college education continues to rise and, next to retirement, may be the biggest expense your family is likely to face.

Your Financial Professional can help you make sense of the many options available and develop a comprehensive college savings strategy that best suits your situation and goals.

Legend offers several college savings plan options, each with its own set of rules, benefits and limitations:

Retirement Plans

One provider, thousands of options… Legend offers a selection of retirement plan accounts and provides the guidance to help you choose one that reflects your specific needs and goals.

Investors may choose and hold mutual funds from multiple fund families in a single account, enabling you to design a diversified portfolio catered to you. A selection of fixed and variable annuities are also available. Some Legend accounts also offer a Periodic Rebalancing Option (PRO). With PRO, you can specify how assets are to be allocated among the mutual funds within your portfolio and choose to have your portfolio automatically rebalanced at predetermined intervals.

View List of Mutual Funds

Contact a Legend Group Financial Professional to find out which retirement account type aligns with your goals.

Employer-Sponsored Plans:

If you are an employee, these plans may be available to you:

Individual Plans:

These are available to investors if you have earned income for an eligible rollover:

Small Businesses and Corporations:

If you own or work for a small business, these plans may be available to you:

Retirement Income Planning
NYSTRS Option Counseling
Implement a Non-Elective Employer 403(b)

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